PremierStone®  Manufacturers of  Lightweight Manmade, Simulated,  Artificial StonePremier Stone®. founded in 2000 is headquartered in Georgia. Meticulously crafted based on
castings from natural stone our stone products are realistic in shape and styleManufactured Stone, Cultured Stone, Manmade Stone, Simulated Stone,  Artificial Stone, Precast Stone, Ledge,
Stack, Field,  Rubble and River Rock StoneSample boards are an excellent resource for selecting
colors and styles of stone. They are readily available at 
authorized distributors.Specifications for interior and exterior nonstructural lightweight veneer facing on masonry, metal, frame construction, remodeling, redecorating, fireplace openings, chases, hearths, exterior chimney, columns, backsplashes, foundations, retaining walls, planters and much more.Step by step stone veneer instructions are available on this site and with our manufactured stone products.Complete our easy form for literature, sales help or just a general business question about  manufactured stone products.Ron Morgan Premier Stone

Product Type: Lightweight Manufactured Stone Veneer
Product Name: PremierSTONE®
Manufacturer: Premier STONE®
997 Marietta Industrial Dr., Marietta, GA 30062
Contact: Office: 770-218-3553
Toll Free: 877- 97STONE (977-8663)
Fax: 770- 218-1977
Web Site:
Product Description: Basic Use: PremierSTONE® is intended for interior and exterior nonstructural lightweight veneer facing on masonry, metal or frame construction for aesthetic purposes. The product can be used on new construction, exterior or interior walls, remodeling and redecorating existing walls, fireplace openings, chases, hearths, exterior chimney finishes, columns, backsplashes, foundations, retaining walls, planters and much more.

Limits:PremierSTONE® should not be assumed to add strength to load-bearing capacity. This stone should not be used in below water applications as in swimming pool liners, in areas vulnerable to slush formed by salt or other chemicals used to melt snow or ice. This stone should be installed a minimum of 4” above finished grade. Refer to Installation Instructions on facing page.

Ronald Morgan Premier Stone Marietta Ga Composition and Materials: Natural stones in various sizes, shapes and textures are used to form molds. These stones are comprised of a mixture of Portland cements,sands, lightweight aggregates, iron oxide pigments and other materials. Our stone conforms to ASTM C150, ASTM C 330, ASTM C 144, SBCCI Section 1405.6. Types, Sizes, Weight, Footage and Colors, PremierSTONE® is available in: Bucks County, GRA, Windsor Brown, Brooklyn Brown, Champagne, Chesapeake, Chestnut, Forest Brown, Havana Gray, Oak Hill, Sierra, Smokey Mountain, Tennessee Gray and Walnut. Colors subject to change without notice. Special colors available depending on project size.

Packaging: Standard pallet consists of 1 large box with 8 boxes inside. Boxes are labeled with our name, website address, stone color and style. See photos of stone packaging to the above left and right of page. For your convenience, Port-A-Pak boxes have a wax coating and may be stored outside.

Expressed Warranty: Thirty (30) Year Product Warranty. Issued on a “Written Request for Warranty Basis.” Contact Premier STONE® , or your Distributor, for a warranty request form. No warranty valid unless issued directly by PremierSTONE® , and within three months of project completion.

For decades, ICC-ES has been the industry leader in performing technical evaluations for code compliance, providing regulators and construction professionals with clear evidence that products comply with codes and standards.

Having completed hundreds of evaluations of building products, components, methods, and materials, ICC-ES has a proven track record of excellence in product evaluations and customer service.
Stone Warehouse INC which produces Premier STONE® has been certified by ICC-ES and the evaluation report states that this product meets or exceeds all standards set forth by ICC. This manufacturer is in compliance with ICC operational standards and acceptance criteria for Precast Stone.
ES Report No. 3358

Ron Morgan Premier Stone Marietta Ga

Ronald Morgan Premier Stone Marietta Ga

Ron Morgan Premier Stone Marietta Ga
Ft. Per Pallet
Box Weight
Ft. Per Box
Pallet Weight
Ledge .75"-2.5" x 3"-18"
100 lbs
10 sq ft
2,000 lbs w/pallet
Stack .75”-1.75” x 3”-18”
100 lbs
10 sq ft
2,000 lbs w/pallet
Rubble .75”-1.75” x 3”-18”
100 lbs
12 sq ft
2,000 lbs w/pallet
Field Stone 5”-24” x 1”-2”
100 lbs
8 sq ft
2,000 lbs w/pallet
Tuscany .33” x 2.12” — 1” x 6”
100 lbs
11 sq ft
2,000 lbs w/pallet
River Rock 4” x 3” — 11” x 9”
100 lbs
14 sq ft
2,000 lbs w/pallet
Corners 8” x 10” L x 2” - 4” thick
100 lbs
10 sq ft*
2,000 lbs w/pallet
Cap Stone SMALL 19” x 12” x 2”
LARGE 20” x 16” x 2”
Window Sill 18” x 3” x 2”        
Keystones SINGLE
Electrical Box 6.6" x 7.5"        
Light Box 6.5" x 7.5"        
Hearth Stone 19" x 19" x 2"        
Trim Stone 8.5" x 5"        
Mantels & Corbels Mantles: 6’ X 12” X 2 3/4” | 5’ X 12” X 3”
Corbels: 12” X 4” X 8”
* Rubble is 9 Ft Per Box
Limited Warranty
- Premier STONE® products carry a 30 year limited warranty when used on structures that conform to local building codes and when installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Warranty is limited to replacement or repair of defective materials only and does not cover labor to remove and replace. Warranty does not cover damage resulting from building settlement, wall movement, contact with chemicals or paint, discoloration due to airborne contaminants, and staining or oxidation. Warranty is limited to the original purchaser. Complete warranty information is available upon request. Product colors are as accurate as current photography and printing techniques allow. Premier STONE® suggests you look at actual product samples for color selection.